ZSAIMD Safes Security Safe

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  • Safe made of high-quality reinforced solid steel wall construction, reinforced solid steel wall construction offers enough intensity for long-lasting and reliable electrostatic protection to prevent scratches or corrosion and stain-resistant coating.
  • Digital lock plus key setting will give your valuables double safe. Can modify the password indefinitely. Please use the master key plus the emergency key, if you forget the password. Please be sure to hide your emergency key and external power supply at a safe place for this reason.
  • No one wants anyone without permission to access your valuables. Violent vibration or Three-wrong entries can activate the alarm.</li >
  • The safe with an extremely high degree of anti-theft feature, a well-designed cabinet and classic colors will ideally suit your home, hotel or office style and become one of your trendy furnishings.
  • Building ability that fits a wide range of items, including legal documents, passports, jewelry, cash, etc. Keep vigilant on your valuables.</li >