3D Door Sticker Bookshelf of Classic Novels

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Details: 3D Door (Sticker) Walls that blend art and architecture into a sleek eye-catching wall that POPS off the frame! Displayed in a variety of unique highly detailed images and designs, sticker walls are made to fit your doors and create amazing visual appeal to quickly transform spaces into places and scenes that attract people. Sticker walls are made of 100 per cent durable, tear-proof stretchy cotton fabric. Sticker murals are easily installed and removed by peeling the protective film back off. No need for wall liners, or primers! Murals still maintain structure and shape even when handled incorrectly and remain on smooth ALL times. They easily peel off without leaving a mark on your door and can easily used again and again. All sticker murals are made in the USA with dedication and care for the product.~ Product SKU # DoorPix-776-36x80 ~

Brand: Windowpix

Color: Bookshelf of First Edition Classics - Glossy


  • Peels and adheres to every flat, smooth and non porous surface
  • Crafted from easy-to - clean Tear-Proof Glossy Bubble Free and is 100 percent durable
  • 3D Impact Engineering is making Lifelike Wall POP!
  • Sticks on smooth EVERY time and peels off with no trace left! No needed wall liners or primers for installation!
  • Easy to cut to size, using a pair of scissors or a sharp utility knife to fit exact size

Publisher: WindowPix

Warranty: 30 day money back guarantee, for damages during shipping all packaging must be saved for claims.