Wet Ones - Stash Can Safes Hand Wipes (Not Real Wipes)

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Stash Can Safes Hand Wipes not for the coronavirus, just a diversion safe

Wet Ones-Packing hand wipes
This is not for coronavirus, it is simply a healthy diversion

The stash bin WET WIPES is super discreet, and looks just like the real thing. If you want to conceal your valuables in the most unobtrusive place of hiding this stash container is the way to go.

Looks just like a tub of Wet Wipes.

Screw the bottom / cover off to get to the secret door.

Stash Can Size: 18 cm by 8.0 cm wide to 7 cm in length.

Stash compartment size: 8 cm x 5.5 cm wide, 4.7 cm wide mouth

Can't be used as real Wet Wipes.

Stash can vary in color and design.