Rustic Coatrack Storage with RFID Lock Door

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A Sanctuary of Security: Introducing the Tactical Traps Coatrack—a masterpiece of security and craftsmanship. This isn't just a coatrack; it's a guardian of your most precious possessions. With its cutting-edge RFID locking system, you can shield your valuables with technology that's as discreet as it is robust. The quick-access feature ensures protection is always within reach, safeguarded by an emergency lock-out mechanism for peace of mind.

Handcrafted Haven: Each Tactical Coatrack is a labor of love, meticulously shaped, sanded, and stained by hand from pristine white pinewood. This rustic yet elegant piece isn't just furniture; it's a functional work of art that conceals your belongings in plain sight without a hint of their presence.

Spacious and Subtle: Measuring 36" X 15" X 5 3/4", this coatrack boasts ample room within its hidden compartment. The interior, at 34 x 8 x 3 1/11 inches, is ready to be customized to your storage needs. It's the perfect blend of everyday functionality and concealed security.

Effortless Installation: Set up your Tactical Coatrack in a flash—no complex tools, supporters, or wall modifications required. Within minutes of unboxing, transform any room into a secure space.

Veteran Craftsmanship: Tactical Traps is not just a brand; it's a commitment to quality and security. Assembled by skilled carpenters, proud American veterans, and dedicated workers, every concealment cabinet is built to protect what matters most to you.

Rustic Maple Beauty: The Tactical Traps Coatrack is finished in Rustic Maple, offering a warm, inviting aesthetic that complements any home decor. Beyond its visual appeal, it stands ready to reveal its secrets only to you, thanks to the seamless RFID technology and emergency backup.

Item Highlights:

  • Brand: Tactical Traps
  • Color: Rustic Maple—a nod to timeless style and security
  • Effortlessly integrates into your home with dimensions of 36 X 15 X 5 ¾ inches, offering both style and a hidden sanctuary.