Storage Soles - Rave ON Discreet & Comfortable, Shoe Storage

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Brand: Storage Soles

Color: Black


  • DISCREET SMALL ITEM STORAGE - Sometimes you might want to carry that bit of extra cash, medicine, keys, etc. with discretion. The sole of your shoe is the last place most people would ever think to look for anything you don't want people to find.
  • COMFORTABLE AND STURDY INSOLE - Aside from being fantastic for storing small valuable items, these soles are also very comfortable. The insole is made with PolyUrethane foam, which provides great comfort and support for your foot and arch.
  • FITS SHOE SIZES 8 THROUGH 12 - These insoles fit shoe sizes 8-12. They are trim to fit, and they have guided lines for cutting the sole to your shoe's proper size.
  • REINFORCED POLYCARBONATE STORAGE CONTAINER - The storage container is made from a reinforced polycarbonate material that keeps your valuables safe and offers
  • SECURE FITTING AND REMOVABLE CONTAINER - The container fits snug and securely in the sole of the shoe but is also completely removable, making putting valuables in and taking them out super easy.

Publisher: Storage Soles

Details: Storage Soles - Patent Pending Discreet & Comfortable Shoe Storage - Fits Shoe Sizes 8 - 12 - Perfect for Storing Cash, Keys, Medicine & More - Insole Made of PU Foam - Polycarbonate Container Are you paranoid about carrying around some extra cash, like a few big bills, or some extra medicine, or even keys? Well, the Storage Soles are perfect for you! The Storage Soles allow you to stash away small valuables in your shoes, where you don't have to worry about people trying to look for them. The insole is comfortable and offers good foot and arch support since it's made of PU foam. The container is made of a reinforced polycarbonate material that will not break or crack, even from repeated running on it. The container is also entirely removable, but fits nice and snug inside the slot that is carved out for it when it is in the shoe. The soles fit shoe sizes 8-12 and have guided lines to help you cut the sole to your shoe's correct size.

UPC: 689280087484

EAN: 0689280087484

Package Dimensions: 12.8 x 4.0 x 1.2 inches