Shampoo Disguised Flask Set

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Unveiling your ultimate safeguard against overpriced beverages - the ShamBooze Scent Flask Set, a genius disguise that not only protects your wallet but conceals your cherished drinks in the cleverest of ways. Transitioning from the conventional safe, this modern-day concealment marvel invites you to stash your valuables and libations seamlessly, offering a covert haven for your preferred beverages.

A Master of Disguise: At first glance, ordinary shampoo and conditioner bottles, but a closer look reveals a secret compartment ready to harbor your drinks away from prying eyes. The art of concealment reaches a pinnacle, giving you a stash sanctuary that blends effortlessly with everyday belongings.

Leak-Proof Fortress: Precision-crafted with a vigilant eye, each flask flaunts flip lids and pressure-sensitive lid seals, forming an impregnable fortress against spills. Every drop of your beverage is guarded with an assurance that rivals the strongest safes.

The Deception of Scent: An extra layer of subterfuge is added with a dash of genuine shampoo scent in the inner lid cap, diverting even the most curious noses. Your secret stash remains hidden, not only in sight but in scent.

Unbound Liberty: The ShamBooze Scent Flask Set transcends the mundane, offering you a hidden alcove to enjoy your drinks anytime, anywhere. The mundane safes are passé; embrace the thrill of concealed indulgence.

Eco-Friendly Reusability: Constructed with durable materials meant to endure, these flasks bid adieu to single-use plastic bottles, aligning with your eco-conscious lifestyle.

Brand: Smuggle Mug

Sail the seas with a clandestine companion that promises a voyage free from exorbitant drink tabs. The ShamBooze Scent Flask Set is more than a product; it’s an emblem of smart, inconspicuous luxury. Now, every cruise transforms into an expedition of hidden pleasures, with your favorite drinks tucked away safely, ready to be unveiled when the thirst beckons.

  • EAN: 0686315012152
  • Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 3.8 x 3.0 inches