Gun Concealment Picture Frame

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  • 8 X 10 frame image-2.0 thick surface dimensions, 16. Tall and 14.0 wide – 1.75 deep, 15.25 tall and 10.0 wide interior space. It allows two regular full-size handguns, or other home defense equipment, to be installed.
  • Safety-A hidden electronic lock that allows for entry by using external equipment (magnets, RFID chips, etc.) The lock can be programmed with a 4-8 digit code. When battery level is small the lock will signal. Also with the door locked location, the battery may be replaced in the event that the battery dies.
  • Value-Made from steel extrusion (the external frame is 1/4 thick) and sheet materials. The interior and exterior are powder-coated black, to match the typically found regular black frames in your home. The Fortress is built to merge seamlessly into the furniture of your homes.
  • Versatile-Mounted wall, no need to cut holes within your sheetrock. You can easily adjust the image and matte to suit your interior decor.
  • Full kit-assembly of Fortress 1216, instruction manual, blank foam insert, 8 X 10 picture mat cut, shatter proof lens, LED light sensing motion, mounting hardware, batteries, blade knife Razor, black marker

Legal Disclaimer: The Fortress 1216 complies with the specifications of the ATF Secure Gun Storage or Safety System [18 U.S.C. 921(a) (34)] Secured, Gun Secured, Gun Box, Lock Box or other system designed to be or may be used to store a weapon and designed to be opened only by a key, a combination or other similar means. This product (Fortress 1216) does NOT meet the requirements of a California State-approved Regulatory Gun Safe, or a Residential Safety Container as specified by UL1037.

Publisher: Secure Point Tactical

Details: The Fortress 1216 meets the ATF Protected Gun Storage or Safety System specifications [18 U.S.C. 921(a)(34)] Lock Type: Hidden electronic code lock that lights up for night operation. Color: Black Powder Coated Product Size: Exterior Dimensions: 2.0 "Thick 12.0" Wide 16.0 "High Internal Storage Dimensions: 1.75" Deep 10.0 "Wide 15.25" High Picture Mat Color: White Picture Dimensions: 8 "X 10"

Brand: Secure Point Tactical

Color: Black