Secret Hiding Places: 135 Extra Secret Places Where You Can Hide Your Valuables

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Author: Megan Dorsey

ISBN: 1979066434

Number Of Pages: 50

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2017-10-23


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Secret Hiding Places: 135 Extra Secret Places Where You Can Hide Your Valuables

Book#1: Sneaky Secret Hides: DIY Household Hacks on How to Hide What You Don't Want Found!

This book offers you great tips and suggestions on where you should and how you should consider hiding items inside and outside of your household in places that outsider's would not think to look for these items.

In this world we live in today there is high levels of crimes that involve house break-ins where people get robbed of many items that are precious and special to them that they will never be able to replace. In this day and age you need to be prepared for certain things that could occur one being the unfortunate experience of having your home burglarized.

Not only will you be given tips and suggestions on how to protect your precious items but even shown ways to hide a spare key to your home outside of your house where intruders won't think to look. You can great some great advice in ways to make your home environment more secure within this book without spending a large amount of money.

Installing a home security system is not an option everyone can afford. But the suggestions in this book will certainly help to make your home more safe and secure with little to no expense.

Book#2: Sneaky Hiding Places: 50 Ways To Keep Safe Your Valuables

We live in a world of competition. You have to hang on to what you have, or you risk losing it to someone else as they pass by and decide that they want it. Thankfully, many of us are lucky enough to live in houses and keep our possessions safe that way, but things can still happen.

Unfortunately, there are people out there that will take what you have if they get the chance, and there are people out there that will look for that chance. If they happen to be in your house, there is no telling what they might take if they get the chance.

For some, purchasing a safe may sound like the most reasonable solution, and by doing that they feel at ease, but for others, a safe just seems to invite a thief to take it. As though it were pointing out where you keep your valuables and things that you don’t want them to take.

So what should you do? Live in fear that your house might be broken into, or that you may forget to lock the door and someone may steal your belongings? Or perhaps you live in a situation where people are in the house that you don’t trust, and you want to know that your things are safe because of that.

Well now, you can live stress free and know that all of your possessions are safe and sound. How? With unique hiding places. Did you know that there are tons of different places in your own home that can keep your possessions safe, and all you have to do is put them there?

This book is going to show you how to keep your possessions safe, no matter what they are:

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