Secret Compartment Earrings

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Vintage Stagecoach Cover Earring Orbs or Secret Compartment Earrings

These are a fascinating pair of orb earrings probably Victorian in age as they had not been open in decades. They are gold gilt orbs that come apart so either they were coach cover earrings but without the original findings and inner earrings it hard for me to explain how they work. Or possibly they are just secret compartment earrings - either way they are divine they look like little hand grenades dangling from your ears which are sure to cause quite a stir.

The overall condition of the orbs are good considering age there is some gold gilt loss in very small places on the inside and on the rim of the bead/stone. They took a long time originally to open as they had not been open in years, but now they do they are easy to open and close with a simlpe snap shit design.