Screwdriver Diversion Safe

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Introducing the Brosash Secret Compartment Screwdriver Set – where innovative security meets everyday utility. These aren't just any screwdrivers; they are your stealthy safeguard, disguised as standard tools. Your friends might be astonished when they discover that these ordinary-looking screwdrivers conceal a cunning hiding spot, but don't worry, your secret's safe with us.

Feel the peace of mind that comes with knowing your small, precious items are concealed ingeniously in plain sight. This clever design grants you quick access to valuables like smaller jewelry pieces, or a rolled-up bill, all while remaining undiscovered. The storage compartment, tucked within the handle, measures a subtle 2.5 inches in length and .75 inches in diameter—just enough for those essentials you need close but not exposed.

True to its dual nature, each screwdriver is fully functional, with reversed threads at the end of the handle to ensure that your hidden compartment remains securely closed during use. There’s no risk of accidental openings, just the quiet assurance that your items are as safe as they are unnoticeable.

Choose the 2-pack for double the discretion and an extra layer of security. Whether you're stashing emergency cash or sensitive information, these screwdrivers are the perfect unassuming guardians, blending seamlessly into any toolbox or drawer.

Brosash is committed to quality, offering premium products that you can trust. With a responsive customer service experience, we ensure that your satisfaction is at the heart of our business.

EAN: 0760939424574

Dimensions: 7.1 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches. Embrace the Brosash Secret Compartment Screwdriver Set as your clever and covert solution to keeping valuables hidden in plain sight, away from the hurried search of the average burglar. With Brosash, you're not just equipped with a tool; you're armed with a secret.