RFID Locking Coat Rack with Hidden Storage

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Concealment storage and fully functional coat rack. It is a great way to hide your firearm in plain sight, yet have fast easy access when needed.

While a gun safe is the safest way to store a firearm, this may be the next best option. Because the shelf has a locking mechanism it is safer than storing your firearms in a nightstand or closet.

Each coat rack features a large compartment, euro style tilt out hinges and a RFID hidden lock that uses a pass key card to open. The RFID lock is the type of technology that is used by hotels for guest room entry.

The RFID lock offers a greater level of security than the typical magnetic lock.
Only those card keys coded to your lock will open the lock.
The lock uses four "AA" batteries for power.
There is an external power pack that can be plugged in should the batteries in the lock fail.
One system and one management card key and two open card keys are included.

Additional card keys are available for an additional fee of $10 per card.

Each coat rack includes:

Black trim-able layered 2" foam insert that can easily be cut to the shape of your gun or other accessories. Full set of installation and operating instructions.
External back up battery supply.

The coat rack can be ordered in a variety of colors and finishes.
Red Mahogany
Dark Walnut
Shabby Chic White
Shabby Chic Charcoal
Other custom color request

For the featured coat rack, the outside dimensions are 18" L X 9 1/4" H. The hidden compartment is 14.5" wide x 6.75" high x 3.25" deep. The box is designed to fit between wall studs and is held secure with screws.