PVC Cap Safe Secret Hidden Diversion Safe

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100% Brand New! Durable PVC Rubber Cap Safe Made In The USA! This is a hand made hidden diversion safe with magnet mounting. The PVC Cap is 2 1/4 inches in diameter on the inside and 1/2 in deep in the center inside and 5/8 in deep at the sides on the inside. (The green air tank and the jewelry is not included).

It can be mounted to any metal appliance (that a magnet will stick to) or an air tank like the example shown in the first photo. It can also be mounted on the back of a washer or dryer, stove, oil tank, back of a microwave or any place you have that it will blend in and not be noticed by thieves.

Warning = Righty Tighty Lefty loosey. Do not over tighten the clamp! Do not force the bottom Plate!

To open this Pvc cap safe = loosen the clamp 4 or 5 turns and it will come loose.

To close this Pvc cap safe = The bottom plate sets on top of the top track and you just tighten the clamp (3 or 4 turns) just tight enough to hold the bottom plate in firmly. Do Not Over tighten!

This 2 inch PVC Cap is small in size and is for storage of small items.
Please measure your items before you purchase.

The bottom plate is made of some hard composite material thats not plastic. It will have gold or a red/maroon color paint on one side of it that does not show when mounted, and grey or black on the other side.
I used a 2 inch PVC Cap made of Durable PVC rubber and i hand made the bottom cover plate. I designed and mounted a magnet to it so the cap safe can be moved at a moments notice.