Electronic Keypad Wall Safe

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Details: The best way to store your valuables and confidential documents is to store them in the safe deposit box at your bank. But, particularly if you want regular access to your essential belongings, this isn't always convenient. A secure Protex wall will be a successful investment then. Especially because you are going to store some of your most valuable things in it. Protex wall safes are drilled between studs, in your wall. When you're building your home or office, you can install a Protex wall safe, or you can bring it in later. Both Protex wall safes come with a flange, so you don't have to paint the walls again. Depending on the PWS-1814E, wall safes can be opened by electronic lock or biometric lock


  • Secure immune to breakage with modern electronic locking device
  • Motorized screw locking mechanism will automatically open the door
  • Built to be mounted about 16 "once trapped in the wall
  • Dual live chrome motorized bolts (Dia 3/4). )
  • 2 Reversible regiments. About the. 44 Cube Foot Space Storage

Brand: Protex

Color: Beige

Publisher: Protex Safe Co., LLC

Release Date: 01-01-2019