Pirate Chest w/ Two Secret Compartments

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This pirate chest is a combination of wood and 3D printed parts. It's been stained jacobean and painted with bronze paint on the accents. The inside is lined with red velvet fabric. It comes with 2 keys, one simple lock key and a hidden key inside a pirate medallion.

The inside bottom of the chest pulls out using a small ribbon to reveal an extra 1" of hidden space. Same with the top of the chest, by removing the secret peg in the back of the chest it will drop down revealing a smaller compartment with about half an inch of space. Perfect for hiding your treasure maps and a flask of rum!

The lock is a simple mechanism, authentic for the time period.

So, set sail and find that little desert island of your own to hide this chest!

The interior of the chest is 5.5" x 4.5" x 8" with the bottom compartment lid removed.