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Very Covert! Standard 9 Inch Paint roller outside roller width! Money not included. 9 Inch roller tube included. Parts have been added to the inside of this paint roller. Parts have been removed from inside this paint roller. The roller spins snug on the very short axel so as to prevent the roller from excessive wobble. I made 2 holes in the handle so it can be hung on a nail or screw at a work bench, a wall etc. When opening, it is best to hold the end cap until you get the roller removed. The roller fits on the frame bars just like a stock unmodified roller would fit. Approximately 7 1/2 inches of length x 1 1/2 inches of inner tube diameter is the inside roller storage space. I included some before and after photos of the work i did to the roller frame and handle. This paint roller safe is for storage of long semi small items. See all the photos and read all of the description