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Very Covert! Durable Plastic container and label! No cardboard! Jewelry / Chains / Wrist Watch, Money not included. This Wet Wipes safe is for storage of small items. Parts have been removed from this wet wipes container. And parts have been added to this container. The added inside sides and bottom is lined with 100% Polypropylene Plastic. These wet wipes have a smell and are Fresh scented. Can be refilled with scented or unscented wipes of your choice. 12 extra wet wipes are included. At least 6 wipes can be loaded in the clear cup at one time. 4 stops have been mounted on the inside for the top disc to sit on, see photo 8. The top disc friction fits in place. The plastic lid hinge does have some pointy edges and that is normal for these type of containers. This item friction fits to close it, to open just remove the wipes and cup and pull on the black rope loop on the disc. The wipes cup will move / shift around some. See all photos and read all the description.