Handgun Hide & Lock - SuperMAX Mechanical ReadyVault

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Details: The new Lockdown super max ready Vault is an creative and special way to protect and conceal your weapon while holding it close by. The ready Vault was designed to be mounted beneath a desk or on the side of a table or cabinet. Keep your handgun primed with Mechanical locking mechanism 5 keys. This Vault is made from robust thick gauge steel and gives you an added level of protection. When you need to access the Vault in the dark, an LED illuminates the gun. The door swings down once unlocked, and gives you ready access to your weapon. DOJ compliant with California.


  • 5 electronic lock button with 1081 combinations of passwords
  • No batteries or keys required ALL
  • Various mounting systems
  • Includes an LED light, which can be seen in the vault
  • Holds barrel long handguns or Revolvers up to 5 inches

Brand: Lockdown

Publisher: Battenfeld Technologies

Package Dimensions: 12.1 x 9.0 x 3.8 inches