Life Sized Human Skull with Secret Compartment

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3d printed and custom painted Life Sized Human Skull with Secret Keyed Maze Compartment!

A fearsome skull that holds a puzzling secret.
Hidden in the base of this battle-scarred skull is a secret plug that, after solving the cylindrical puzzle within, can be removed to allow coins, gems and other valuables to be hidden within the skull or You can it use as bookend.

Each piece is unique and certainly an extraordinary gift idea!
The sculpture is extremely detailed.

* Each sculpture is made to order so colour and appearence may be slightly different from the photo

Approximate height - 14cm (5,5 inches), width - 12,5 cm (5 inches), lenght 17 cm (6,7 inches)
Weight is around 250 grams

This is printed in PLA ! A very strong and Durable material.
PLA is 100% Biodegradable and non toxic material.
It is made from plant products such as sugar-beets, potatoes, corn.

This sculpture would look great in anyone's collection and would make the perfect gift for either you, or that special geek in your life!

Can be made also in other sizes.

Made of PLA and hand painted with acrylic paint.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee . If you're not happy with your item for any reason we'll accept RETURNS for a full refund. We can do this because we're convinced you'll love your print. But if you don't like it somehow..., you must return the product undamaged for full refund,(shipping money not included in refund)!