AA Battery Secret Stash Diversion Safe / Pill Case

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You get 6 Awesome AA Battery Capital and Rx Stash Batteries. We 're selling lots of diversion safes that look like real goods, but this Awesome AA Battery Money and Rx Cache is by far the most discreet type. The escape safe is almost similar to a standard AA type pump, which can carry for emergency use money or prescription medications. This cache of batteries will keep up to 00! A single bill blends into the holding container well, and your money will remain safe and out of reach. Every one will ever presume that the look of the AA Battery conceals huge amounts of money!

Just fold the bill in half long ways to suit either American or Canadian currency and roll it close end to end, then put the rolled bill in the top portion of the "battery" and insert it in the other half and firmly screw it! Your money is now protected. This secure battery goes a lot farther than any other on the market would be secure as you can now conceal the battery in any system that uses AA batteries, which means that your stockpile is now fully secret! Hide your cash and Rx drugs in the safe and place them in TV remote control, video game controllers, alarm clocks or any device running the battery! This battery will look healthy, sound and even weigh the same as any normal AA battery.

Package Dimensions: 2.8 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches

Brand: JS


  • It looks, feels and even weighs the same as any regular AA battery
  • Even fits in any battery compartment that calls for AA batteries

Publisher: JS