Ice Cream Scoop Secret Hidden diversion Safe

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For sale is one Ice cream scoop Diversion Safe with a Hidden compartment! ( Jewelry, Paper money not included). This Ice Cream Scoop has been hand cut and hand crafted into a secret compartment safe with a friction fit end cap. You will need a hard wooden handle or hard plastic screwdriver handle or like items to hit / tap the end cap at the seam a few times to loosen the cap and remove it. Some sharp hits may be needed to loosen it. Never use a metal object to open it because it will cause damage to the scoop handle. This Ice Cream Scoop Is VERY Covert! It is made of 100% aluminum and is fairly thick and sturdy! It does not have a real smooth perfect finish on the outside. It has some mold flaws/dings and marks on the surface of the handle and end cap. The surface flaws where made from the original maker at time of production. It is the normal look for this ice cream scoop.

This ice cream scoop is 7 inches long on the outside.

It has 4 1/4 inches of inside depth.
it has 1 inch of inside diameter at the cap end. The handle does have slope to it.

The inside surface of these may have some pitting and tarnish and that is normal. That has no effect on it's performance and can not be seen when closed. These were not originally made to be taken apart. The inside antifreeze stuff caused some tarnish and it looks like the way they were molded caused some pitting on the inside of some of them. Many of these Ice cream scoops have no tarnish and have no pitting on the inside of the handle.

This ice cream scoop safe is for storage of small items. This Ice Cream Scoop is hand crafted for a snug fit and covert look.