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Converts into Concealed Vault

The all-metal, robust HitchSafe turns your receiver into a safe. The hitch pins are secured inside receiver via 2 sliding bars which can only be reached with a 4-dial combination drawer which offers 10,000 different combinations. The HitchSafe can protect keys, passport, credit cards and cash. Where stored it is perfect for active lifestyles. The HitchSafe does away with the difficulty of holding or losing keys / cards. For an elegant dust cover, the combination drawer is covered / secured.

Best for Outdoor Activities where Keys are a Hassle or can Become Lost

HitchSafe will be able to store spare keys for easy and safe access. This can also be used to share access with friends / family or in special cases such as outdoor sports where it can be difficult to carry keys and credit cards / cash left inside the vehicle would otherwise run the risk of stolen.

Secure, Concealed Key Storage that will Not Fall off like Magnetic Key Holders

Far superior solution for eventually falling magnetic key holders (they 're never there when you need them!). Unless your magnetic key holder hasn't entered millions of them lying on the street, then you have an open invitation for anyone to steal your vehicle, because everybody knows where they're hidden. Inside the solid steel framework of the hitch receiver, HitchSafe is stored through a combination where you can access keys only when needed.

Brand: HitchSafe

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  • Secures keys, cards and valuables that are a issue or may become lost during outdoor activities
  • Includes all the metalwork and vault inside the receiver
  • With 10,000 codes you can easily create and change your own combination at any time
  • Includes a high duty rubber powder shell, which covers and protects
  • Current and Tundra 2007 Toyota Tacoma 2005 need longer bolts, see also ASIN: B00ACM8KI0

Manufacturer Parts Warranty Description: Parts

Publisher: FJM Security Products

Warranty: Not Applicable


How to Use

  • Where to Work
  • Take off layer of dust
  • Enter 4 digit code
  • Lever Release
  • Loaded drawer from spring comes forward
  • Show friends your new safe, cool key

    Within the Case
  • Vault which flips into the receiver
  • 10,000 Drawer Combination
  • Cover with dust
  • 2 Cadmium nickel bolts (sliding bar interlock inside vault
  • 2 O-ring foam for sealing bolts
  • 4 Seals / spacers with foam flange

    For additional HitchSafe products and accessories, be sure to check out the HitchSafe Brand Page

    UPC: 700360084367

    EAN: 0709258828625

    Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 6.1 x 5.0 inches