Hidden storage stool

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The word squat is used in a duplicate manner when describing this stool. The obvious use of the word squat is for the fact it is low to the ground. The hidden meaning for the word squat; is for a place where someone stays without the knowledge of the people in control around them. This is an original design stool and mechanism.

This stool upholstered in black, red or brown genuine kangaroo leather or hand painted individual fabrics. Each hand painted version is a one of a kind original. Fitted with solid short legs it is a very simple but impressive item of furniture.

It is lovely looking and comfortable.

The part you can’t see is that inside is a hidden compartment, where your valuables can be stored, hidden from view. The stool can be in fully visible and no one would know there is anything inside.

Protect yourself from burglars by making valuables unseen. They might break in, but are unlikely to locate your valuable stored inside the stool. Its like crime prevention on 4 short legs.

There are no edges visible to show the stool has a lid that opens up. There are no visible hinges. There is no visible latch to identify that it opens. It appears that the top of the stool is made up of the cushion alone.

To open it, you must rotate one of the legs to undo the latch so the lid can be opened. So unless a burglar or person wishing to remove your possessions has read this website, they will not know there is anything inside to take.

The area inside is 370mm (about 14 1/2 inches) long, 180mm (about 7 Inches) wide and 40mm (about 1 1/2 Inches) deep. In side the base is lined so if the stool is picked up the items inside should not rattle or get damaged.

Hidden within the cushion it has sufficient size to hold a wide variety of items you may not wish to have someone find.

The external dimensions of the stool are: 570mm (about 22 1/2 inches) long, 300mm (about 12 Inches) wide and 225mm (about 9 Inches) high.
Built with solid timber construction that will last and last.