Hidden RFID Cabinet Lock

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Details: A great DIY kit to secure your cabinet doors and keep your guns and valuble safe from thieves and hidden from children.

Feature 1.Two Unlock Mode: Rfid cards or NFC supported smart phone 2.Can be used with 4 x AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries. The batteries can last for up to 1 year under normal use 3.There is beeping alert when the voltage is low. When it is out of battery, the hidden rfid locks will remain unlock. 4.User manual, rfid cards, screws, and induction lable are provided in the kit.

Operation Instructions in Single Unlock Mode 1.Initialization: After installing the batteries to the electronic cabinet lock, press and hold onto the RESET button (the button inside a hole near the battery cover) for 2 seconds until you hear beeps. 2.Set Master Card: After initializing, the 2 cards we provided are master cards. 3.Set User Card: Tap a master card, and then you can tap up to 13 new cards within 5 seconds after the beep in order to set them to be guest cards. 4.any further instructions are available in User Manual. Package 1. User manual, 2. Lock, 3. Induction Lable, 4. Mounting screws, 5. Latch, 6. RFID cards


  • RFID & NFC Supported: This invisible cabinet lock is programmable with rfid cards and NFC supprted. You can register your card to your smart phone's keycard wallet through NFC fucntion, then you can unlock it with your phone, Android only for now. You can also program new cards to your rfid locks. Please test the cards with your locks first before any installations.
  • Suitable for Wooden Cabinets/Drawers: The rfid cards have a sensing distance of up to 1.6"(40mm), which means the sensing signal can penetrate through wooden cabinet door up to 1.2" thick. This is an ideal rfid lock for gun cabinets, drawers, gun boxes, safes, and etc. No needs to drill, easy installation but not suitable for metal cabinets.
  • Sturdy Mechanism & Hidden Style: The mechanism for this keyless cabinet lock is made out of high quality steel, which makes it sturdy enough for all kinds of wooden cabinets and drawers and provides you a great protection of your belongings. Its hidden style keeps kids away from opening drawers or cabinets frequently.
  • Low Battery Alert & Low Votage Protection: 4 AAA alkaline batteries only as power supply for this NFC cabinet lock. There will be a 5 beeps alert after tapping a card to remind you to replace the batteries immediately. If the lock is out of battery, it will remain unlock after tapping a card until you replace the batteries.
  • What You Get: User manual, 2 rfid card, hidden rfid lock DIY kit including the lock body and buckle, a clip for installation on double door cabinet, induction label, and screws. At the mean time, you have our nice customer service on Amazon 24/7. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Brand: eeoo

EAN: 0727536531043

Package Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.3 x 2.0 inches