Hidden Compartment for Gun Storage with RFID lock in a fake Wall Vent

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This is a fake cold air vent that looks like the real thing. It is a great way to hide your firearm in plain sight, yet have fast easy access when needed. This product will fit in any room to store your gun in a way not easily recognized by the casual observer. This vent can be mounted in a hallway or in any room anywhere you will need fast easy access to your firearm. 

While a gun safe is the safest way to store a firearm, this may be the next best option. Because this product has a locking mechanism it is safer than storing your firearms in a nightstand or closet. The vent is great for storing jewelry, valuables, or other items you don't want someone else to find. A thief cannot steal what they cannot find. 

The vent features a large compartment, euro style tilt out hinges and a RFID hidden lock that uses a pass key card to open. The RFID lock is the type of technology that is used by hotels for guest room entry.

The RFID lock offers a greater level of security than the typical magnetic lock. Only those card keys coded to your lock will open the lock. The shelf cannot be opened any other way without destroying the shelf in the process. The lock uses four "AA" batteries for power and there is an external power pack that can be plugged in should the batteries in the lock fail. One system and one management card key and two open card keys are included. The management card key can be used to add more card keys to open the lock.

Additional card keys are available for an additional fee of $10 per card.

The hidden compartment has a black trim-able layered 2" foam insert that can easily be cut to the shape of your gun or other accessories. The dense mutli-layer foam is designed just for this purpose.

The vent outside dimensions are 15" L X 9 1/4" H. The hidden compartment is 14.5" wide x 6.75" high x 3.5" deep. The box is designed to fit between wall studs and is held secure with screws. 

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