Handcrafted Treasure Box

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This unique hand-crafted Treasure Box is one of my favorite things to do, as it shows off the grain and beauty of the reclaimed wood, as well as the mystery of the little hidden drawers. It's a decorative object in itself – a real talk about how it's made, but it can also be used to conceal those special jewels, whether they're a favorite ring, or an earring, or a coin, or a tooth fairy's teeth, or some other keepsake.

To make it, I use recycled wood - wood that would either be charred, or left to rot. I pick pieces carefully for their color and grain, and leave them to be aged for many years. I then work them hand in the object you see, which is then sealed and polished with wax.

This piece of yew has beautiful markings, contrasting the deep orange heart wood with the nearly white sap wood. Just by counting the annual rings in the end grain you can figure out how old the branch was!

Length 106mm, depth 85mm, height 34mm.