Handcrafted Recycled 1874 Encyclopaedia Britannica Keepsake Diversion Box

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A handcrafted box of the Encyclopedia Britannica recycled in 1874.
ORN-PHT, Volume XVIII. Ninth Edition

An ancient British encyclopedia with beautiful gold lettering, planned for landfill, was recycled and converted into this beautiful box of keepsake. The "box" is made of wood (left unused wooden floor) and the interior lining comes from The Graphic, a British publication from the 1880s advertising. William Morris MT washi has obscured the left portion of the interior. The bottom of the book (when you lay the book flat) is edged with Japanese silk ribbon on the outside. There is no lock in there.

The book's rough edges as well as sections at the top of the spine were not restored as the intention was to maintain the book 's lovely worn look. While a portion is worn near the headband (top of the spine) near the hinge and a bit damaged (see very last photo), the lid / cover does not fall out of the hinge as it was strengthened within. Treat this treasure as a precious book you should and it will last.

Note: the products in the box are for example purposes only, and are not included in the catalog.

Using as a holdsake box, paperboard box, or display case (it stands alone).
Size: 9.5 "x 11" x 2.5 "(24 cm x 28 cm x 6.5 cm)