Collapsible Closet Sweater Bin with Hidden Jewelry & Keepsake Storage Compartment

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  • TAME CLOSET CHAOS -- Without a partition, stacked sweaters can topple over creating a mess in your closet, these sweater bins stack neatly side by side and can be combined for maximum storage.
  • HIDDEN JEWELRY STORAGE -- The front bottom of the bin has a fabric flap that pulls open to reveal a jewelry tray with designated spots for earrings, rings, watches, and necklaces. It is the perfect way to hide your treasured jewels from unwanted hands.
  • SAFE SWEATER STORAGE -- Sweaters and other bulky, knit garments lose shape when hung on hangers, use these sweater bins to neatly fold and stack them until sweater weather.
  • GREAT FOR JEANS -- For jeans lovers maximum closet space by using these bins for folded jeans.
  • DIMENSIONS -- 13" W x 15" D x 12.5" H. Tray Dimensions: 9.5" W x 13.7" D x 1.3". Measurements are approximate.

Brand: Great Useful Stuff

Color: Gray With Hidden Keepsake Compartment (New!)

Publisher: Great Useful Stuff


  • FRONT FLAP FOLDS DOWN FOR OPTIMAL USE -- How many times do you go to your closet and the one item you need is at the bottom of the stack? Avoid a tumbling tower of clothes with our Closet Shelf Storage Bin! Our front flap folds down so that you can slide out the desired item without the whole stack of clothes falling down! The durable and sturdy panels of the storage box is the best way to keep your carefully stacked clothes in solid folded towers.
  • FUNCTIONAL CLOSET ORGANIZER SOLUTION: Tired of folding stacks of clothes just to have them fall over? Our Closet Shelf Storage Bin Organizer is the perfect closet makeover to stop messy closets from happening.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR PERFECT CLOSET -- Some people like to keep their clothes together by item, some by color, and some by type. Our Closet Shelf Storage Bin comes with a complete set of pre-printable tags that fit nicely in the label window on the front flap. Or flip them over and write your own!
  • MADE OF 100% 600 DENURE POLYESTER CANVAS -- Transform your closet with these beautiful organizing shelves that will change your closet from messy stacks of clothes to neatly folded, organized tiers. You spend a lot of money on your clothes, so why not store them in a nice organizer that ensures organization and neat formation!
  • DIMENSIONS -- 13" W x 15" D x 12.5" H. Tray Dimensions: 9.5" W x 13.7" D x 1.3". Measurements are approximate.
  • Package Dimensions: 16.0 x 14.0 x 2.5 inches