Power Bank Flask

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GoPong Power Bank Flask - Your Sneaky Sipper for Smart Savers

Elevate your drinking game with the GoPong Power Bank Flask - your ultimate solution for enjoying your favorite libations without breaking the bank. Crafted from food-grade approved materials, this convincing flask holds a generous 8 oz of liquid while masquerading as a regular portable charger, complete with a fake power cable for the ultimate disguise.

Key Features:

💰 Save Money: Say farewell to overpriced and watered-down drinks! This power bank flask allows you to enjoy your beverages at clubs, concerts, sports games, theme parks, festivals, and more, all without emptying your wallet.

🥃 Holds 5 Shots: Designed to accommodate your adventurous spirit, this flask holds up to 5 shots, ensuring you're prepared for whatever the night brings.

📱 New Realistic Design: The flask's ingenious design makes it virtually indistinguishable from a portable charger. The included fake power cable adds to the ruse, ensuring you can take it anywhere with confidence, without the need for stealth.

🍹 Easy Filling: We've got your back with a mess-free funnel and pour spout, simplifying the process of filling the flask with your beverage of choice.

🚫 Leak Proof: The flask features a water-tight twist-off cap, preventing spills and allowing you to safely stow it in your purse, backpack, or luggage without a second thought.

Color: Black

Details: The GoPong Power Bank Flask is designed for discreet enjoyment at indoor or outdoor events. The unassuming bottle design, complete with a fake power cord, ensures you can sip confidently without drawing attention from security. While we do not condone illegal use, we do believe in saving money on drinks! Remember to always abide by local drinking laws.

Upgrade your drinking experience with the GoPong Power Bank Flask - where style meets savings in every sip.

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