Hidden Lotion Flask

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GoPong's Lotion Flasks are a clever way to bring your favorite drink to indoor events or nights out with friends. Each set includes three flasks that look like regular lotion bottles, but can hold 4 oz of liquid each (that's 8 shots total!). You can easily fill them using the two included mess-free funnels. These flasks have unique designs - Body Lotion, Hand Cream, and Face Lotion - so you can take them almost anywhere! Made of food grade plastic, they're safe for use with drinks (just remember to wash them first!). The twist-on snap cap creates an air-tight seal, preventing any leaks or odors. When you're ready to drink, simply snap up the lid and mix with your favorite beverage. This pack includes 3 different designs, so you can have all 3 with you at once! These flasks will save you money on expensive drinks and can pay for themselves after just one use. As always, please follow local drinking laws and regulations.