Star Wars Flask Hollow Book (Leather-bound) (Magnetic Closure)

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This book was hollowed to match an 8.5 ounce pocket flask (including) made of Italian. Add custom grafting to the bottle to make a wonderful donation!

-- Cut off the true book of leather

-- The book has an exquisite leather cover, an outstanding valley and a silkscreen bookmark

-- Careful cutting ensures snug book flask wedges without rattling

-- A powerful magnetic closure stops the flask from falling out accidentally

-- Pocket flask has a strong layer, providing a seal resistant to leakage

-- Hollow book made entirely from adhesives of archival quality

-- Appears as if the natural edges of a book were regular (no outer adhesive)

-- Book size: 9.42 x 6.34 x 1.76 cm.


Glass Etching:

On the pocket bottle (optional) get your own text engraved. We use the superior method of sandblasting that creates a rich , deep graft. Glass etching is continuous and is not going to wipe, scratch, or wear off. Allows a perfect donation! Makes a great gift!

Select ten designs. Pick one design. See the list of concept images. Before attaching your cart, enter your design number and text that will be picked on your flask. Please leave the customization box open, if you don't want the flask engraved. If the flask is engraved, there will be an extra charge.

*Flask ships empty.