Flask Hollow Book - Dracula (Leather-bound)

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This leather-bound book has been hollowed out to fit an 8.5 ounce pocket flask (included) made from Italian. To make a great gift add a custom etching to the flask!
-- Cut by hand from a genuine leather book
-- Book features an elegant binding fabric, a distinctive gold edging and a silk-ribbon bookmark
-- Precise cutout ensures smooth book flask wedges without rattling
-- A powerful magnetic shutter stops the flask from unintentionally coming out
-- Pocket flask has a sealed, tight swing top that creates a hermetic seal that is leak-proof
-- Hollow book, entirely made of archival adhesives
-- When closed, it looks like a regular book with natural page edges (no glue on the outside)

-- Book dimensions: approximately 9.41 x 6.47 x 1.80 inches


Glass Etching:

Get your own text (optional) engraved to the pocket flask. We use the superior method of sandblasting which yields a rich , deep etching. Glass etching is permanent, and is not going to wash, chip or wear away. Allows a perfect gift!

Select from 10 models. See photos for the designs mentioned. Please insert your concept number and text before adding to your cart to be engraved onto the flask. Please leave the adjustment box blank if you don't want the flask etched (keeping the flask bare). Choosing to get the engraved flask would require an extra charge.

* Ships with flasks empty.

Brand: BookRooks

Color: Red