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Nowadays, cars are built with technology and creativity for lasting comfort.

Yet there are and will always be imperfections even in this new vehicle designed expressly to meet our needs and demands; one of them is-" The Gap.

You pray every time your phone falls; that notorious gap between your seat and the center console would not slide in there. It serves as a black hole, feeding primarily on coins, bills, credit cards and everything else that falls into it and is rarely found there.

As we all know, progress solves our problems, but what if you can not only solve them, but use them to your advantage? Most people would say this is perfect and we are in agreement! * * * * *

The ultimate solution is proposed-Patch Car Gap Filler Organizer.

 B covers the void, stopping the void from dropping! No more speeding while trying to get something that dropped in there, no more cash lost, but Repair est conceived to do even more:
Bel fills the void with a stunning, high-quality PU leather console, beautifully built to be compact, comfortable, and easily accommodate your driving needs and more.

offers room for a bottle / cup / thermos, a designated place for a smartphone to be laid safely, a small hole in the bottom allows you to slide into a charging cable so that your phone can charge while driving, more room for placing any other objects such as: sunglasses, cash, mail, cigarettes, keys, snacks and more;

So forget the danger of digging through the gap looking for your phone, cash, ID or something else and feel the pleasure of getting far more storage space, always have your pocket needs clear and easily accessible by using FIX lie-fill the gap and build extra storage, enjoy the best of both worlds! 👍

Brand: FIX

Color: cream


  • DESIGN – Quality PU leather paired with high-quality stitching, smartly cut additional storage space and slip-free surface combine to create this FIX car gap filler. This comes in 4 different shades, selected especially for most car interiors so that anyone can find their fit.

  • Simple TO USE & CLEAN — NO Installation Necessary — simply put the Gap Filler in the space between the driver's front passenger seat and the center console, position the non-slip mats and enjoy the utmost comfort. Super easy to clean, just use a water & soap washcloth or a cleaner for all purposes.

  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION — We provide our well-known lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects! FIX aims to be the ultimate solution for space saving, offering the highest quality products in combination with World Class Customer Support to ensure 100 % customer satisfaction.

  • Great GIFT — a must for any car owner, not only does our gap filler fill the void, it provides the ideal spot for all your pocket needs and more. With our superior design and col versatility

  • OPTIMIZE STORAGE – The Address car gap filler has been carefully put together to include: a small hole to allow the device to load the cord from the bottom and to remove the endless fight with the cords to provide easy packing, a groove to fit the handset in, plenty of free space for items like headphones, wallet, papers and even a bottle / cup holder. All your needs for a safe and enjoyable journey at your disposal.



UPC: 738447589351

EAN: 0738447589351

Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 6.4 x 4.1 inches