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  • This Cabinet Lock Kit fingerprint can be widely used for cabinets, drawers, storage boxes, and so on. Two modes of work: mode sharing and mode opening. This is ideal for home&office&Public.
  • Two modes of operation suited to various applications. Sharing mode: 5 fingerprints by the administrator, 20 fingerprints by the user; open mode: 5 fingerprints by the administrator, 1 single fingerprint;
  • The open mode is suitable for storing valuables for customers to supermarkets and clubs. Shared mode suits home and office use. Store things like private objects, and secret company documents. No key, no RFID tag, no password, and just 1 fingerprint.
  • Advanced unique Fingerprint Biometric Technology for improved response and sensitivity. Easy to set up-no App or PC required.
  • Powered (not included) by 4 X AAA batteries. Battery life up to 18 months. 12 Months Guarantee.



Mode switch

1.Press and keep the metal ring for 6 seconds on the edge of the black sensor (do not touch a black sensor). The blue light is always on, and verification of the administrator begins.

2. Enter the fingerprint of the administrator (any fingerprint can be transferred in the event of no administrator status). The blue light flickers then start the mode switch for 3 times:

A. After the pink light flicks, the buzzer beeps after, signaling the sharing mode has been switched to the working mode.

B.If the pink light flicks twice, the buzzer beeps twice, it means that the mode of operation has been moved to open mode.

Add administrator fingerprints (you can add fingerprint one by one)

1. Push and hold the metal ring for 3 seconds on the edge of the black sensor(do not touch the black sensor). Lift your finger then the blue light flicks. Then, the blue light is still on and the checking of the administrator starts.

2. Enter the fingerprint of the administrator (in the initial state, any fingerprint may be the fingerprint of the administrator), and the blue light flickers, then new fingerprint could be entered;

3. When the fingerprint is correctly entered the buzzer will beep once (at least 8 times the input of the fingerprint)

A.When the pink light flicks 5 times, the buzzer "beeps" for a period , indicating the successful fingerprint type-in.

B.When the red light flicks 3 times and the buzzer beeps 3 times, show the fingerprint of the administrator is incorrect and should be re-entered.

C. Red light is on, and the buzzer beeps twice, signaling that the users of the administrator hit the upper limit.

4. It will automatically exit without service after 10 seconds

UPC: 757818082710

EAN: 757818082710

Package Dimensions: 6.9 x 5.7 x 2.0 inches

Brand: YULU

Color: Black

Publisher: YULU