Globe with Secret Compartments

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Details: Build a beautiful, library-worthy globe full of amazing details and fun surprises! Today, the most detailed and accurate maps and globes the world has ever seen are available at the tips of your fingers. But, getting to where we are now was a very long and arduous journey. This fascinating D.I.Y. experience is a thrilling introduction to the amazing history of cartography. It features all the Earth's continents, presented in relief and engraved with the names of all the capital cities. The stand is engraved with latitudinal degrees. All around the sides of the base are stunning renditions of the 8 wonders of the world. Plus - two secret compartments in the base slide open freely while a third is securely locked. Turn the dials to line up the astrological symbols with their matching constellations to unlock it! From its classic design to its variety of unique features, the PuzzleGears Globe is a quality objet d'art you'll cherish for years. PuzzleGears: Globe - Laser cut wood kit for building a functional globe - Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, concentration, engineering skills, an interest in geography - A fascinating adventure in STEM - Straightforward, easy-to-follow instructions - Globe features continents in relief - Engraved with names of capital cities, continents, oceans - Stand engraved with latitudinal degrees - Sides of base feature illustrations in relief of 8 wonders of the world - 3 secret compartments built into the base - Store your favorite souvenirs! - 2 compartments slide open freely, 3rd is locked - Turn the dials and align the symbols with the constellations to unlock it! - Includes 567 pieces - Detailed building instructions included - No batteries required - High-quality materials - Exceptional D.I.Y. experience


  • A LIBRARY-WORTH DIY GLOBE! Made of laser-cut wood, assembled by YOU!
  • FEATURES CONTINENTS, LATITUDE, LONGITUDE; Secret compartment locks with astrological puzzle!
  • PERFECT FOR AGES 14 YEARS AND UP; Quality wood materials; Detailed instructions; Beautiful design
  • CHALLENGES SPATIAL REASONING, LOGIC, engineering skills; Inspires interest in geography
  • FINISHED GLOBE MEASURES 12 x 10.5 x 20.5 INCHES; 567 pieces; No batteries required

Brand: Fat Brain Toys

EAN: 0811802026729

Package Dimensions: 18.5 x 12.5 x 2.5 inches