Fake Hogie "Bread Bank" Diversion Stash Safe

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Looking for the perfect spot to hide your valuables without attracting any attention? Look no further than the World's most 'Unique' Secret Stash Safe! Disguised as a loaf of bread, this safe is sure to fool anyone who happens upon it in your fridge or kitchen. With a look and feel that's identical to a genuine bread product, nobody will give it a second glance.

But don't be fooled by its appearance. This cleverly designed safe is incredibly secure and comes complete with a secure storage bag and clip to complete the overall effect. The inside container is 3" deep and a little over 1" wide with a felt bottom, ensuring your valuables stay safe and secure. The overall length of the Hogie Loaf is 6" long by 3" high, making it the perfect size to hold all your most important items.

And thanks to its soft bread feel, this stash safe is sure to fool anyone who picks it up, squishes it, pokes it, or examines it. So why not keep your valuables safe and secure with the World's most 'Unique' Secret Stash Safe? It's the perfect solution for anyone looking for a discreet and secure place to store their most important items.