Extra Large Smell Proof Case with Combination Lock

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  • SMELL PROOF TECHNOLOGY BUILT INTO THE CASE LOCKS IN ALL SMELLS-Rest assured that the HG Bag contains all the odors while keeping your goods fresh!
  • THE PREMIUM SMELL PROOF COMBO KIT-Comes with a 250ml Ultraviolet Bottle, a Grinding Card, 5 Reesealable Travel Bags and a Boveda Humidity Pack to keep your products healthy! Each pocket also contains 2 removable splitters to store and organize your products, however you want
  • THE LARGEST SMELL PROOF CASE AVAILABLE – The Extra Large 12 by 9.5 by 5.5 inch Case is nearly 3 times the size of Other Leading Competitors. The interior dividers can be rearranged to create more room or to keep in place your accessories!
  • GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOUR Products FRESH — The Herb Guard XL Case is the only bag designed to keep your products fresh for more than 6 months. Each bag comes with a 250ml Jar Herb Guard to keep your consumer content separate from other items in the bag.
    A SLEEK AND DISCRET DESIGN FROM PREMIUM MATERIALS-Designed to Last, this Pack. -- XL case is 100 percent weather proof and built to withstand tears, rips and never loses it is functionality of smell proof. Herb Guard Sources the best quality fabrics to ensure that their purchase fits every customer.

Brand: Herb Guard

Publisher: Herb Guard

Details: Extra Large Smell proof Case

UPC: 628110794154

EAN: 628110794154

Package Dimensions: 11.9 x 9.4 x 4.6 inches