Drain Plug with a Hidden Compartment

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This is a hand made Fake Drain Plug / Clean out Hidden Diversion protected plug built by hand. For mounting it is made of 3 M Extreme Fasteners.

Can you install this big drain plug under your toilet tank, if it fits? You need to test to be sure that it suits inside your toilet tank BEFORE you buy. Toilet in photo 9, drain plugs not included in photo 10. This in Picture 10 is the largest size drain plug.

Alert = This device is not waterproof, so use a ziplock bag to place your things inside first and then stack them inside this clean out plug if you want to install it outdoors right up. Within it could seep water! It's made from Thick White PVC, Price Heavy Duty!

This drain plug is hand made / designed and constructed from plumbing parts and can be used to cover / store your things under a toilet tank and other places where it will fuse in. I show it put (just sitting) in the grass to provide an example of it installed as I saw other real clean-out plugs put in many yards.

They often change the design and/or wording on the outside of these so that this item can differ a little from the images in looks. The scale would be similar. WARNING = This object is not waterproof because it will flow into it outside of any wind.

I mounted the smaller 3 1/8 "x 2 3/4" drain plug on the bottom of a toilet tank to show an example of it being mounted and how to use it. You should push it into the middle of the tank a little more to make it more discreet, I mounted it to the side of the tank so you could see what it looks like mounted.

I use 3 M Extreme Fasteners (not velcro but much stronger than velcro) for mounting instead of a magnet for this 4 1/2 inch x 4 1/8 inch wide size drain plug. This says more than 1000 closures on the 3 m Fasteners kit!

You should never install the drain plug on a wall. It's high, and can go down. It can be placed under or on top of a toilet tank or other similar things etc. if it suits.

I have 4 sizes for sale of those drain plugs. This largest drain plug (4 1/2 inch x 4 1/8 inch) is not a magnet mount and can be mounted
Be too large to mount beneath your toilet tank. Measure before you go shopping!

Both are estimated proportions, which can differ by around 1/8 inch.

Outside height = 4 1/2 inches Outside diameter = 4 1/8 inches = 24 ounces shipping weight.

Diameter inside = 3 1/4 inches-width inside = 3 1/8 inches

(If you want me to change this item more contact before you buy it. I can add some length of pipe to it to extend it over the field because I often saw them sitting 1 or 2 feet high in peoples yards?) Some were low in grass (as seen in the pictures) in peoples yards and some were placed higher on a pipe at warehouses and other commercial buildings.