DIY Secret Hiding Places: 90 Places To Hide What You Don't Want Found!

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Author: Steve Plant

Edition: Large Print

Format: Large Print

ISBN: 1508905894

Number Of Pages: 40

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2015-03-17

Details: You can never be one hundred percent protected from thieves and intruders who want what you have. You may have the best security system on your home and live in a nice neighborhood but you are not immune from burglaries. Every month, thousands of people are the victim of burglaries and they lose valuable jewelry, precious keepsakes and important documents along with any money they may have had in their home at the time. Hiding things in your dresser drawer or under a mattress is never a good idea and often the first place thieves check. You need to think outside of the box. This book will point out some very creative, unique places in your home where you can stash your valuables. These hiding places are very clever and it would take a very experienced thief with a lot of time on their hands to find all of your hiding spots. A wall safe is a great idea, but wouldn't it be better if you could hide the safe altogether? Keeping the safe out of the hands of a thief is your ultimate goal. The most determined burglars will find a way to break into a safe. Many of the 90 plus ideas in this book are ingenious and places you would never think to look for cash or expensive jewelry. That is the idea! You want to hide your items in plain sight. In places a burglar will see, but not suspect that old can of soup in the back of a pantry is actually a miniature safe. Get ready to explore your home as you test out some of these tried and true hiding places.

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