Fake Vent with RFID Hidden Compartment

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Details: Experience the ultimate diversion safe stash! Limitless concealment experience, our hidden deposit safe is perfect for active people who like to keep their valuables safe. Having to deal with no space to store your valuables? Struggling to hide your jewelry or cash in your house? Have you had enough stress because your gun is not legally stored in a safe-box? Well, we know it, and we are here to help! Our diversion stash will conceal your items in a manner you didn’t think it was possible. With a 15”x 7”x 3” storage capacity, you can hide almost anything you want. Easiest way to hide, lock and unlock, this is a must-have device! So easy to use and control, only one RFID card needed to lock and unlock the safe! Even if you haven’t had a safe before, this one is perfect for your needs. Designed to look like a wall vent, no one will think that you are hiding something there. Because we care about your safety, we created this especially for you to safely store your belongings in a concealed mode. Some of the amazing features of this product:15”x 7”x 3” large compartment Look of an air-vent attached to the wall RFID lock cardFits any home and OfficeSafely secures jewelry, money or gunsPoint of interest         Act now At the time of product launch, the price is $ 169,99 then the standard price will go back to  $ 249,99


  • HIDE ALL YOUR VALUABLES: Did you ever noticed that simple is best? Well, we did, so we created hidden safe to store all your valuables without anyone even thinking of looking there.
  • DIVERSION STASH: Not only that it has 15" x 7" x 3" storage capacity, but also we designed it especially for you to securely deposit your valuables. It looks like an air-vent on the wall, so no one will think of looking there.
  • RFID LOCK CARD: Perfect for any home, or office, you can unlock it only with a magnetic card. Extra security assured by using a card because there is no mechanical lock to break.
  • STORE ALL YOUR VALUABLES: Even if you want to store cash, gold, jewelry, or legally owned guns, this safe is perfect for you and your house. Everyone needs a safe deposit space for their belongings.
  • WARRANTY FOR YOU TO BE PROBLEM FREE: Our manufacturer offers you one year of warranty because we believe in our product. Now it is your turn to trust in it.


Color: white/silver

EAN: 0712198131915

Package Dimensions: 18.1 x 10.9 x 5.0 inches