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  • THIS UNIQUE CONTAINER HIDDEN is ideal for any house. A beautiful vase to be used as a secure might, despite its true purpose being to conceal valuables. It will never be identified by someone as a hidden stash, because it looks like an regular vase. It's a hidden storage that is completely functional and one of the best container safes on the market today. Not only is it an exquisite piece to decorate a home or office, but it also works well as a discreet cache for diversions. It is simply an unseemly decoy that can be secure.
  • HIDE & USE IT FOR: Jewellery, Food, Herbs, Drugs & Lose Diamonds / Rocks. A drug of diversion for all. Simply put this beautifully designed vase on the night stand or on a desk and it turns into a secret stash container for a security deposit key or a house spare key. A secret Safe which everyone would forget. Today, they own it.
  • ACCOMMODABLE. This is an excellent place to diversion from. It's never been easier to conceal your valuables in plain sight. An exceptional hider of the valuables. It's a cool decor item inside with a secret compartment / hidden storage where you can hide your stash. Buy a Safe Stash Can that nobody would think twice about.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 100 per cent: if you don't love it, just return it. We 're so confident you 're going to enjoy our company that we 're giving you Risk Free for 30 days. Without any questions we'll refund your money. FREE PURCHASE ON Price.
  • NOT HOME MADE; this ingeniously designed Flower Vase / CAN SAFES is an outstanding cash diversion stash. One of today's best secret safes / hidden safe in home protection comes with Free Flower & a Pouch. A perfect place for stash to conceal your valuables. Inside Secure Size: 2.06 "Inch Width, 1.85" Inch Height. If you're looking for a tool to hide containers for money then don't look any further. A Money that covers containers that do work. Stash container you would use, as

Publisher: Miliamp

Details: False bottom containers

✓ Stash it & rest easy
✓ Hidden Compartments Can
✓ Diversion safes and containers
✓ decoy can secret safe

UPC: 721272375473

EAN: 0721272375473

Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.5 x 3.1 inches

Brand: Miliamp

Color: Natural Wood Varnish