Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days - Handmade Diversion Safe Book

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This is a handmade, hollow book which is able to hide your valuables. It will fit perfectly on every bookshelf because it is a REAL BOOK. My items are also known as a escape or book safe to keep your things safe and stable. Within, the hollow area measures about 4 1/2 "x 7 1/4" x 1/2. "This is a fantastic size. Jeff Kinney's book is titled" Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.

My hollow books are a perfect idea for unique gift containers!!! How cool and exciting for a recipient to open a gift inside a memorable title.

* Bridesmaids \ Presents to Groomsman
* Valentines gifts: "I love you"
* Reward or Gift Certificates
* Additional and/or hidden notes
* Covenant Surprise \ White Elephant Gift
* Office gift party
* Gone to the present
* School Give Off
* Gifts and treasure hunts 'hidden surprise' for children

In today's high tech world, books are still a perfect way to conceal your valuables. Thieves, when looking for valuables, are not generally prone to paging through your bookshelf. This is true of babysitters, nosy visitors and sly kids.

Spend the day at the beach or on the pool? These books are ideal to conceal your valuables from the naked eye. When the dishonest maybe rifling your towels and shoes, they can lay your stuff in the boring old book that they are not interested in reading! Another perfect device for the car so you can put your things in a position that is not obvious just in case of a break in.

Use a secure book to help keep your secrets away from roommates, friends, kids, employees, hotel staff, babysitters, co-workers etc. Happy shopping, and check out my other things please!