Gun Magnet Mount

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  • STRONG MAGNETIC: Strong 37 lbs top performing rubber-coated magnet can keep your weapons securely without damaging them.
  • SOFT RUBBER: Made from the best quality components for optimum pain. The painted rubber covers the arm or device.
  • Hide our magnet securely in your car under tables or chairs on the underside of drawers or cabinets against doors, door frames, safes inside and more!
  • Both Styles: Whether you have firearms or equipment, this is the perfect option like no other magnet. Butt applies to all types of firearms and equipment, shotguns, rifles, handguns, revolvers.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: contains screws and sturdy strips that can be conveniently mounted anywhere.

Brand: DD

Color: 4 pack

Publisher: DD

Details: Feature:

1.The magnets are large enough to withstand weight of up to 37 pounds, high quality components, long service life

2.The covering surface is made of high quality rubber, it won't crack your weapons.

3.Easy to attach, add a low-key secret weapons magnet.

4.Adapted to handguns, rifles, cannons, revolvers, shotguns etc. In fact, it can also be used to carry certain iron-containing things you need.

Note: When you put a gun or something in a magnet, you'll need to put it in a position that all the kids can't reach and lock the protective unit.


Material: Rubber and Magnets
Dimension:9.5*3.7*0.65 (mm)

Package weight:0.3 kg

Package:4x gun magnet
16 x L30mm screws
16 x L20mm screws
16 x plastic screw holder
4xStrong double-sided adhesive.

UPC: 721821326253

EAN: 721821326253

Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.0 x 3.0 inches