Concealment Lamp

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These quick yet trendy lamps will really light the room up. Made entirely of 3/4 "solid hardwood, they are not only beautiful and built to last but also excellent concealment parts. These lamps come standard with magnetic catch locks (RFID locks are optional) which, when triggered, allow the front of the lamp to open, revealing two storage areas. The floors, of the storage areas are covered with felt (7/8" Kaizen foam is optional), plenty of space for felting. The actual light fixtures with a 3 way socket are already wired and completely working, making it an perfect reading lamp. ** Lamp shades are not included** The beautiful 3 1/2" dia. clock insert comes with a gold-tone brass bezel and is covered with a glass lens.

These lamps are made from your choice of wood, and finished with your stain color choice.

Why not consider a pair of matching lamps ... maybe one with a clock and one without? For exclusive discount rates please contact us.