Cherry Dark Brown Stained Right-Hand Inswing Secret Door

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Following our popular flush mount design, we fulfill every childhood dream of having a secret, hidden door while adding to your doorway the functionality of a mobile dresser. The door to the Dresser comes as usual with 4 fully working, 8 in. Deep drawers; and 2 extra shelves, which dramatically de-clutter your bedroom and wardrobe. You can put 1 of these doors in every bedroom of the house with the flexibility to fit into almost any doorway. You'll love your new Murphy Dresser Door everyone.

  • Unit includes: fully assembled dresser door, jam pre-fitting, state-of-the-art ball bearing design for smooth operation, 4 drawers, (8 in. depth) 2 adjustable shelves, jamb, trim, hardware and installation instructions (download the BILT app for more detailed instructions).
    To the Murphy door dresser is 12 in. Depth
  • Doors on in-swing will lose 6 in. Doors going in and out will lose 14 in. From passing (to see passing through spaces on 12 in. doors, see diagram), in-swing doors will not work on a wall with a jam depth of 4-9/16 in.
  • Disponible sizes: 30 in., 32 in. and 36 in. (option to customize)
  • Comes unfinished or chooses from our 7 forms of woods and 6 different finishing choices
  • Should be fastened to properly secure structural framing; needs installation, installation screws included
  • Rough opening framing needs to be 2 in. Larger than the size of the door (example: standard 36 in. Dresser door rough opening 38 in. x 82 in.) to help measure the right size of the door, see our video.
  • Needed installation tools: tape measure, 6' standard, hammer, #2 Phillips screwdriver, flat head screwdriver and shims
  • Installation tools needed: tape meter, 6 stage, hammer, # 2 Phillips bit screwdriver, flat head screwdriver and shims