Locking Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case & Diversion Safe

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Details: An Elegant Method Pick and Pluck Cubed foam comes in small cubes pre-scored, making it easy to remove excess foam and build custom cutouts during transport to protect individual tools or equipment. Look no further than our range of Charcoal Pick and Pluck foam cases when you need to find foam to quickly help you pack those bulky items. We give a 1-inch grid configuration to ensure that the foam can be separated and fit around any item of any size or shape. For a variety of items, each size works, allowing you to store everything from dishes to collectibles. Foam from Pick and Pluck can be cut to any size you specify. We just wanted to grow up to be a Rockstar, right? Life always seemed to get in the way, first of all it was school or children or a family. Soon, the greatest thing you've got in your wardrobe is the black leather jacket you got in high school at Wilson's Leather. But what if this guitar case was stashed behind the jacket? What if the guitar case was made of Pick and Pluck foam with one inch of plush? What if your favorite assault weapon was actually a smart looking, discreet premium leather bound case? What if, on your next hunting trip, you could take this case with you? What if every time you go to the range of this event, you could satisfy your Desperado desires for rock stardom? Not all of us can be rockstars, but you can hold your gear like one of them.


  • STYLISH and LOCKABLE CONCEALMENT GUN CASE: With this stylish guitar rifle case, transport your weapons discreetly. With trust, prevent unwanted publicity.
  • DOUBLE LAYER PICK AND PLUCK FOAM REPLACEABLE: You are confident that your weapons are safe and scratch-free. A double layer of high-quality and customizable guitar-shaped pick and pluck foam parts + 1 Egg crate foam + 1 Flat foam comes with our Guitar Rifle case.
  • AND DUST-PROOF SHOCK RESISTANT: This case is designed to preserve impact and seals well when closed to keep your weapons pristine.
  • INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: ⁇ 42 "x 13" and 17 "⁇: Broad space to suit your rifle / shotgun and handgun with extra room to suit additional magazines and accessories.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY-Our cases are covered by a lifetime guarantee that is hassle-free because satisfaction is our priority. Buy it once and you are set for life.

Brand: Cedar Mill Fine Firearms

Color: Black Leather Guitar Case

Package Dimensions: 45.5 x 19.0 x 7.2 inches