Gun Concealment Coffee Table

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Details: Where is the safest spot to hide something from? In plain view. -- This is just an ordinary coffee table to anyone else. But you know they don't. Inside, something you've stored for your protection. Ready just feet from your place on the couch at a moment's notice. Hiding in plain sight where nobody suspects it. This beautiful, practical Table for Coffee has a stealthy key. Our revolutionary CASTLECREEK Weapon Concealment Coffee Table features a secret, locking pull-out drawer to conceal weapons or valuables that are significant. Burglars rifle through drawers, as do other bad guys. They are looking for safe havens. They don't search inside your furniture for secret compartments.

It is as beautiful as it is practical, with a dark cherry wood veneer. What do you have to hide, then? Felt-lined concealment area protects against scratches; attractive dark cherry finish; medium-density fiberboard and wood veneer; magnetic side panel moves in and out for access to slide-out drawer lock; includes drawer locking key; necessary assembly; made of MDF and wood veneer;

Area of concealment: 39.5 "x 13" x 3"h.; total dimensions: 48 "x 21" x 19"h.; weight: 52 lbs.; please bear in mind that the interest of this item is its ability to conceal and provide easy access to the material. Be careful on who knows, or how to open the secret box. All kinds of content may be stored, but this is not meant to replace a safe and is not child- or fireproof. We advise you to make sure this is the safest place to store your valuables and strongly recommend that you be mindful of your local laws and regulations and take adequate safety measures during storage if you are using them for firearms. CASTLECREEK Coffee Table Ammunition Concealment

Package Dimensions: 51.0 x 24.0 x 5.0 inches


Color: Brown

Publisher: Castlecreek