Bindle Bottle 20oz with secret compartment

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  • OPRAH 'S 2018 FAVORITE THINGS: Launch the 20 oz Bindle Jar! A 2-in-1 water bottle incorporating stainless steel, vacuum-insulated double-wall construction with a spacious storage compartment jar that will become your inseparable companion for all your outdoor adventures!
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR YOUR DAY-TO-DAY LIFE: Perfect for men , women and children, the Bindle Bottle works great as a safe accessory for diversion to the office or gym as it can hold your keys, cash, snacks, protein powder and any other valuables. Plus, it's the perfect water bottle in stainless steel for outdoor adventurers, safety , health and workout!
  • THE PERFECT PLACE TO Hide YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS: No one would ever think twice about what else could be inside a water bottle, making it the perfect place to store your credit card, cash, keys or any other everyday necessities. Free some precious space in those pockets as you head out on your next adventure while securing your valuables stealthily!
  • THE PERFECT PLACE TO CONCEAL YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS: Nobody will ever think twice about what else could be inside a water bottle, making it the perfect place to keep your credit card, cash, keys or any other daily essentials. Free up some valuable space in those pockets as you head out on your next adventure while stealthily protecting your valuables!
  • CUP HOLDER FRIENDLY:: This patented (U.S. Pat. 10,427,825) vacuum-insulated water bottle is the first to be marketed to feature an integrated yet spacious storage compartment for water bottles. The Bindle Bottle can be used to prepare your protein shake, carry your tea crackers, keep ice on the deck for your whisky, or securely pair your wine with stash cheese. There are countless possibilities so add a Bindle Bottle to your cart and bring an extra layer of comfort to your daily life!

Brand: Bindle

Color: Black

Details: Discover how any snack of your cold or hot drink can be enjoyed when carrying your valuables stealthily!

You don't just hate it when your tea or hot coffee gets cold before you have a chance to finish it? Aren't you sick and tired of filling in your pockets with dozens of items just to go to school, do some work or do some errands? Perhaps our brand new , innovative water bottle will turn your life around! It's already changed so many, after all! A Fusion Of An Insulated Water Bottle With A Spacious Storage Compartment!

The double-walled insulated technology and our reusable bottle's leak-proof, vacuum seal cap say just half the story! Yes, for 12 hours it will keep your drink hot and for even more cold but that's not all! The Bindle Bottle is fitted with an integrated storage compartment for keeping your valuables when you're working out, hiking, making orders or just being around! Plus, its reusable, washable and environmentally friendly nature will help you stay organized and help minimize plastic waste while being a great saver for money! Simple, Multifunctional, Elegant!

The Bindle Bottle was built from pure ingenuity and simplicity and it is here to become your practical and comfortable companion in your daily life. Especially useful for gym-goers, athletes, cyclists, outdoor explorers as well as busy moms and fathers, this isolated bottle is just what you need to address your on-the-go hydration and carrying needs! And what can you expect? Scroll up, press and remember to 'Attach to Cart!' Hydration + Storage = Joy Free to Face!

Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 3.7 x 2.9 inches