Cylinder Hanayama Metal Brainteaser Puzzle Mensa Rated Level 4

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Product Features:

Mind-Boggling Brainteaser: Hanayama's Cylinder brainteaser is a puzzle that keeps you guessing, providing no clues to the solution – and that's part of the fun! It challenges your wits and problem-solving skills in an intriguing way.

Can You Assemble It Again? Once you've successfully separated the cast metal cylinder into its individual components, the real challenge begins – can you put it back together again? It's a true test of your patience and logical thinking.

Challenging Difficulty Level: Designed by the talented Vesa Timonen, this 4.72" x 2.99" x 1.88" cast metal puzzle is classified as a level 4 brainteaser, making it a challenging and stimulating endeavor for puzzle enthusiasts.

Hanayama Quality: Hanayama is renowned worldwide for creating challenging puzzles and upholding the highest standards of manufacturing quality. Expect nothing but excellence when you choose Hanayama puzzles.

More Than Just Puzzles: BePuzzled is more than a brand for jigsaw puzzles; it's about delivering puzzle experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Brand: BePuzzled

Color: Green

Edition: Standard Edition

Product Details: Hanayama's Cylinder brainteaser is designed to keep you guessing without any hints. Its elegant, knurled cylinder exterior offers no clues, making it a fun and mysterious challenge. Think of it as cracking a safe – once you've separated the cast metal cylinder into its components, the real test begins: reassembling it. This Vesa Timonen-designed cast metal puzzle offers a difficulty level of 4 (challenging) and measures 4.72'' x 2.99'' x 1.88''. Hanayama is celebrated globally for its demanding puzzles and top-notch craftsmanship. BePuzzled offers more than just jigsaw puzzles; it provides puzzle experiences that are truly extraordinary.

EAN: 0689960008808

Release Date: 30-11-2023

Package Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.1 x 1.8 inches