Decorative Hidden Gun Storage

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Introducing the Bellewood Designs Recessed Decorative Hidden Gun Storage, a stylish and secure way to store your gun discreetly within your wall. This hidden gun safe features the phrase "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" on its front, adding a decorative touch to your home while providing a hidden storage solution for your firearm.

The outside dimensions of the safe are 15.25 inches wide, 12.75 inches tall, and 3.75 inches deep, while the inside dimensions are 13.00 inches wide, 11.00 inches tall, and 3.00 inches deep. The cabinet width is 14.4375 inches, allowing it to fit between standard 16-inch on-center framing.

The hidden gun storage is equipped with a magnetic lock system that ensures secure closure and easy access. The magnetic lock is designed to never fail, providing you with reliable and convenient operation.

To accommodate your specific firearm, the safe includes a customizable foam insert. This insert can be easily shaped to fit any gun, ensuring a snug and secure fit within the safe.

Brand: Bellewood Designs

Package Dimensions: 22.0 x 14.0 x 7.0 inches

With the Bellewood Designs Recessed Decorative Hidden Gun Storage, you can safely and securely store your gun while adding an attractive decorative element to your home.