Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock

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Details: This safe box is made by awesafe, with the aim of maximizing your safe box 's protection and satisfaction. Awesafe is committed to preserving, storing and safeguarding your most important papers, valuables and souvenirs. Equipped with trusted biometric fingerprint technology and compressed gas pillars, awesafe allows for fast, one-handed, low-pitched, quiet entry. Use weapons in the most critical moments, easily and reliably.

Fast access to biometric pistol security Suitable for mutual access and advanced safety with up to 30 fingerprints. Key Zero-feedback key for silent entry and override key for easy backup access. Pry-resistant door and solid steel construction Provides protection and safety against unauthorized firearms entry.

Compression Gas Strut Automatically opens the lid for single handed access when the combination is reached. Material Information: Exterior dimensions: 12 * 10 * 3.3 inches Interior dimensions: 9.6 * 6.3 * 2.4 inches Weight: 10 Lbs Packing includes: 1*Gun & Ammunition Storage & Safes 1*Instruction manual Warranty 1 year initial manufacturer warranty This material is warranted by the original customer for one year from the date of delivery. If the product is within 1 year of delivery, any portion of the component or the whole component will be damaged due to manufacturing process or materials, awesafe may fix or remove the product or portion for the original purchaser, at its absolute discretion.


  • Handgun safe is made with solid steel and a pry-resistant door for strength and protection with handguns; robust high-strength locking mechanism and precise fittings which are practically impossible to open with hand tools
  • Pistol safe features a gas strut and LED lighting for fast and quiet opening of a secure door for single-handed access to your weapon and interior light for improved visibility; suitable for use as a bedside pistol secure, you can also store your safe in a bathroom, an office, a garage, a bedroom or any other convenient spot.
  • Portable design: The safe is compact and lightweight for use when you're at home or on the go, for added convenience. The compact size makes it easy to hide between the mattresses and other out-of-the-way places under car seats, in spare tire wells.
  • 1 year initial factory warranty: This product is warranted for one year from the date of delivery by the original customer. Unless the product is within 1 year of delivery, some portion of the product or the whole product is affected by the manufacturing process or the materials

Brand: awesafe

Color: Black

Publisher: awesafe


Package Dimensions: 13.6 x 11.5 x 4.6 inches